WESTCLIFFE COLORADO

1.        Each lot owner is a member of the Property Owners Association, Inc. and is
entitled to one vote per lot
2.        There is an association fee of $125 per year. This is to maintain the private roads,
plaza and other common areas
3.        Mission Plaza is governed by an active Property Owners Association, Inc., strict
covenants & restrictions, and a definite architectural design review board.
4.        Houses are to have a minimum of 1,000 square feet, must be single story, with a
maximum height of 16 feet. Homes are to be traditional southwest style, (colonial,
mission, pueblo, Santa Fe, territorial).
5.        The property owners are responsible for any utility hookups and entrances to their
6.        The prices listed for Misison Plaza lots are subject to change. Please check with
owners of lots for currnet price and financing information.

                                              ARCHITECTURAL GUIDELINES

1.        Homes in Mission Plaza shall be traditional, Santa Fe style southwestern homes.
2.        Drawing of front, sides, back of house with height and width measurements must
be approved.
3.        Middle of the house to be in the middle of the lot.
4.        Front of house to be parallel to the road.
5.        Sides of house to be parallel with sides of the lot where possible.
6.        Maximum building height shall be 16 feet. Any trees to be no taller than 16 feet.
7.        Roof line should have a minimum of three different heights, vary at least two feet,
not including porches
8.        When possible garage doors should not face the street.
9.        Exterior must be earth tone stucco, and must be approved.
10.        Any roofs that show shall be traditional style with colored tile or uncoated
corrugated metal that will rust. Color of tile must be approved.
11.        Fences must be stucco and gates must be wood or wrought iron and approved.